on some fine nights

(2019) mixed media installation

On Some Fine Nights is a personal work that explores the recollection and confrontation of a past incident that took place at a pivotal point in my life. Mirroring the intimate spaces of a room with a bed, stained with vomit from the aftermath of being too drunk and walls claustrophobically cluttered with drawings, the room depicts a caricatured space of despair and loneliness. Utilising the techniques shiborizome (tie-dye), bassen (discharge printing) and felting, the stains on the blanket are exaggerated to reflect humour and a new sense of acceptance. Within the installation, an animation of a pixelated dandelion is displayed in a DVD player, narrated with subtitles that comment on the subtle and dismissible existence of the dandelion.

This installation was exhibited in a group exhibition, Hua Hua (2019), Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery.


この作品は2019年に新宿眼科画廊で行った Hua Huaというグループ展で展示された。